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 Wedding is a very special moment that couples would like to have something to preserve the moment with and have a way of remembering that special day from time to time. This is where wedding video comes in. All will be taken in a wedding video from walking down the aisle, looking each other in the eye while saying wedding vows, holding hands and sealing the ceremony with a kiss. Emotions and affections will clearly be captured in the video  more on video career here

         There are various types of photography. There are black-and-white photography, color photography, full-spectrum, ultraviolet and infrared photography, and digital photography. As with styles, photography comes in various forms. Among others, there are architectural photography, candid photography, documentary photography, forensic photography, glamour photography, wedding photography, erotic photography, food photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography, nature photography and fine art photography. One popular subject among photographers is artworks itself. Photos or pictures of artworks are common in art galleries, museums, printed publications and educational centers. Popular among these is the Pacific Islands art, a collection of arts and crafts depicting the life, traditions, mores and cultural heritage of people living in the Pacific Islands. Various art galleries in the U.S. and elsewhere showcase a massive photographic collection of Pacific Island art dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. Photographs of sculpture, textiles, handicrafts and others depict the cultures and traditions of countries in the Pacific Islands, which include Indonesia, New Zealand, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea. Ceremonial tattooing, costumes and adornments are explored in these photographs. Antiques, themed jewelry, ceramics, wood and garden art are also photographed and exhibited in various galleries and museums. Most of these pictorial archives of artworks trace the history and social development of the people of Pacific Islands. Photography in itself has helped preserve the cultures and traditions of people in the Pacific Islands. As a timeless art, it tells the stories of people in the region. It narrates the various issues that these people have to undertake, such as issues of migration, invasion and other social problems.

Graphic photo art manipulated in photoshop is the newest type of art emerging online
and in the galleries. the use of vector and light created this design

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